Two Way Radio Consulting

When chasing a suspect, assisting with fire rescue or inside a building, the radio is the only link between an officer or fire fighter and the base. Emergency communications is vital. Do you have the coverage you need? We can help you solve your radio coverage issues so that the safety of your men is never in jeopardy. RF Consulting is committed to your project and it is backed by years of experience. We can help you decide based on your needs the type of radio system you need to purchase or if you need only to supplement your fleet. Why should you choose a consulting firm? It's simple. We are not committed to recommending any one manufacturer's product, while a radio dealer is. This is the reason we can make HONEST and FAIR decisions regarding your purchase. The experience gained installing radio systems, 911 dispatch consoles, repeaters and many other projects is our forte. The only thing that matter is a system well built and your satisfaction. Call us today!