PT+z Controller™

The pan tilt zoom controller, PT+z Controller™, when used in conjunction with the Bescor™ MP series(such as MP-101) motorized pan head allows you to take control of your live video production with an all in one sleek controller that provides dynamic speed control and movement using the natural movement of a joystick. Replacing the Bescor™ Remote Control (MP-Remote) for the MP-101 Motorized pan head with a more intuitive and responsive controller was the primary function of this unit, however we have also incorporated some vital camera functions found on the eBenk® zoom controller for Canon and Sony cameras using LANC/Remote protocol such a zoom in/out and record start/stop. LANC auto-power-on for cameras with a soft power button is also programmed in the PT+Z Controller™, that means if your cameras are remotely located, our unit can power them on. The PT+z Controller™ unit comes complete and ready to use out of the box with a joystick, a motor interface cable and a 2.5mm LANC cable for connection to a Canon or Sony video camera. A single cable solution is being developed using a breakout interface unit to allow a CAT 5 or CAT6 cable to carry both pan tilt and LANC commands. All units are backwards compatible with this update. While the pan tilt zoom controller is a perfect addition to any production studio we have not forgotten the field user and designed the PT+z Controller™ as a remote unit that requires no external power supply, giving you more flexibility in the field where access to a power source is problematic. The PT+z Controller® draws a small amount of power from the Bescor™ head and also works on 4 AA alkaline batteries used by the motor. Please make sure however that you are using alkaline and not rechargeable batteries as the voltage of the rechargeable batteries is below 1.5v/cell. The PT+z Controller™ can be used in place of MP-Remote and works in conjunction with RE-20 or RE-50 Bescor™ cables or you may use an ordinary LAN cable extension. This allows you to place your Bescor™ motorized head up to 50 ft away or more from the controller. See restrictions for more information on LAN cables and batteries below:

  • - any four pair(8 wire) LAN cable extension CAT 3-6 may be used as long as it is wired as EIA/TIA 568B.
  • - no patch panels, router or switches may be used, no powered extenders on any connection between the PT+z Controller™ and the Bescor™ Motor
  • - always use alkaline batteries and never use rechargeable batteries in the Bescor™ MP series motor compartment
  • - failure to follow these rules will void both the PT+z Controller™ warranty and may destroy your Bescor™ motor.